Craniofacial services in the UK

Craniofacial services deal with deformity of the face and head. As these can be complex problems they are best dealt with at one of the 4 highly specialised UK units. This website will help you find the best care for yourself, your child or a loved one.

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NHS specialist services

The Department of Health and NHS England recommends management of craniosynostosis to be carried out in one of four major well-resourced highly specialised centres.

What is Craniofacial Surgery?

Craniofacial surgery is delivered by a multi-disciplinary team (MDT) for the treatment of major anomalies involving the cranium, the face, and associated structures. These anomalies may arise from tumours, trauma or predominantly congenital developmental malformation and may have very complex management needs.

Craniofacial services will recognise the impact of having a craniofacial condition upon the individual and the family from birth to maturity. Multidisciplinary care will be provided to allow for the changing needs of the family and individual as the child passes from infancy to adolescence and adulthood and will incorporate transition needs. Patient and family interaction with support groups is a recognised need, and annual joint awayday meetings are held to foster these links between the highly specialised units, patients and families, and the various national support groups. Opportunity is taken to explain the philosophy and evidence base of care, and respond to comments/concerns on service provision and patient experience.

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